How Many Hours Do Security Guards Work in Dubai?

Security guards play a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of people and property across the world. Dubai, a bustling city known for its luxurious lifestyle and thriving economy, is no exception when it comes to the demand for security personnel. Understanding the working hours of security guards in Dubai are essential for those considering a career in this field or for individuals and businesses seeking security services. In this informative blog post, we will delve into the working hours, regulations, and the general landscape of the security guard industry in Dubai.

Security Industry in Dubai

Dubai's rapid economic growth and increasing population have led to a surge in the demand for security services. From protecting residential complexes and commercial establishments to ensuring the safety of public events and high-profile personalities, security guards are a common sight throughout the city.

Average Working Hours

The working hours of security guards in Dubai can vary depending on the employer, the type of security services provided, and the specific job requirements. However, the standard practice for security guard working hours in Dubai follows a few general patterns:

  1. Shift Work: Many security companies in Dubai operate on a rotational shift basis. Security guards may work in 8- to 12-hour shifts, with breaks and rest days in between. This practice helps ensure round-the-clock security coverage.
  2. Full-Time and Part-Time Positions: Security guards can be employed as full-time or part-time workers. Full-time guards often work longer shifts, while part-time guards have more flexible schedules. Part-time positions are common for retirees and students looking to supplement their income.
  3. Overtime: Overtime hours are not uncommon in the security industry, especially during special events, holidays, or when there's a need for additional personnel.
  4. On-Call Guards: Some security guards work on-call or on an ad hoc basis. They are contacted when security needs arise, and they may have varying hours depending on the situation.

Regulations and Labor Laws

The working hours of security guards in Dubai are subject to labor laws and regulations that protect the rights and well-being of employees. The Dubai Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) plays a pivotal role in setting and enforcing labor standards.

  1. Maximum Working Hours: As per UAE labor laws, the standard working hours for most employees, including security guards, are 8 hours per day, and 48 hours per week. Any work beyond these hours is considered overtime.
  2. Overtime Pay: Employees who work beyond their regular hours are entitled to overtime pay, usually at a higher hourly rate.
  3. Rest Days: Labor laws in Dubai mandate that employees are entitled to one rest day per week, which is typically Friday. Security guards may have rotating rest days to ensure uninterrupted security coverage.
  4. Public Holidays: Security guards are often required to work on public holidays. In such cases, they are entitled to additional compensation, usually in the form of extra pay or a day off in lieu.
  5. Annual Leave: Employees in Dubai are entitled to annual leave, and this applies to security guards as well. The number of leave days depends on the length of service.
  6. Health and Safety: Dubai labor laws also require employers to provide a safe working environment for their employees, including security guards. Proper training, equipment, and facilities must be provided to ensure the well-being of the guards.

Challenges and Benefits

Working as a security guard in Dubai has its own set of challenges and benefits. Some of the challenges include working long hours, working in various weather conditions, and dealing with potential security threats. However, there are also several benefits to consider:

  1. Competitive Salaries: Security guards in Dubai can earn competitive salaries, especially if they work for prestigious establishments or in high-risk environments.
  2. Career Advancement: Many security companies in Dubai offer opportunities for career advancement, with positions such as security supervisors and managers.
  3. Training and Skill Development: Security companies often provide training to enhance the skills and knowledge of their guards. This can include first-aid training, fire safety, and crowd control.
  4. Varied Work Environments: Security guards have the opportunity to work in diverse environments, from luxury hotels and shopping malls to construction sites and industrial facilities.
  5. Networking: Security personnel often have the chance to network with various professionals and law enforcement agencies, which can be beneficial for their future career prospects.


The working hours of security guards in Dubai can vary based on factors such as the type of security service, the employer's policies, and specific job requirements. However, most security guards in Dubai work in shifts, which can range from 8 to 12 hours. Labor laws and regulations in the UAE set the standards for working hours, rest days, and overtime pay.

While being a security guard in Dubai comes with its own unique challenges, it also offers competitive salaries, opportunities for career advancement, and diverse work environments. Whether you are considering a career in security or are an employer seeking security services, understanding the working hours and regulations is essential for a smooth and successful experience in this industry.

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