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  • Service and Industries

Our Strength

The core principle guiding our Business is our clients’ peace of mind, as derived from our services. To this end it is our continuous endeavour to integrate the highest standards of quality control, customer service, state-of-the-art technology and provide effective, optimally priced, tailor made security solutions. Our strength lies in the complete satisfaction of our prestigious clients.

Finding cost effective solutions to suit our clients need is our priority and thus we initiate unique and innovative solutions. With committed team efforts and our traditional excellence we always continue for a safe and secure tomorrow

In recent years, the UAE security industry has evolved with the increased use of technology. Considerable labor shortages, and most importantly with the changing requirements of customers. S.G.S local management team have developed numerous innovative products and services. To meet the specific and evolving requirements of local customers. These are some of the existing sectors and services operated in the Emirates.

Working Sectors

  •    Government.
  •    Private Energy & Utilities.
  •    Oil & Gas.
  •    Ports & Airports.
  •    Financial Institutions.
  •    Major Corporate & Industries.

Our Services

  •    Access Control.
  •    Facilities Management.
  •    Events Security.
  •    Patrolling.
  •    CCTV Monitoring.
  •    Valet Parking.
  •    Residential Life Security.
  •    Emergency Response & Planning.
  •    Male / Female Security Guards.
  •    Security Survey & Inspection.
  •    Property & Keys – Login In/Out Record Keeping.
  •    Perimeter Protection/Equipment Monitoring.
  •    Traffic/ Parking Enforcement.
  •    Evacuation Planning and Incident Management.
  •    Corporate Security.
  •    Security Management.
  •    Event Security Solutions.
  •    Security System & Technology.
  •    Manned Security Services.
  •    Facility Management.
  •    Training.

Security Software

Security Software

Al-Safwan Gulf Security Services is the first in the security industry to introduce a multimedia learning and development tool. SGS Security Services now has a library of interactive CD-ROMs to assist its team of security professionals in providing a superior security service

Security Software

Al-Safwan Gulf Security Services encourages and rewards excellent performance and achievement. Employees who distinguish themselves are eligible for a range of cash awards, bonuses and other company-wide recognition programs.

Security Software

Our security personnel are recognized and facilitated for their performances on a regular basis ensuring a highly motivated team that’s keen to give their best. With our continual positive reinforcement, Al Safwan Gulf Security Services employees are inspired to give their best on a daily basis-throughout their careers.